Welcome to the Amherst Area Publications News Center.

Amherst Area Publications is proud to announce the publication of  Harvesting History: Amherst Massachusetts Farms 1700 – 2010, published in December 2010. After a decade of research in collaboration with the Amherst Historical Society, we created this book to help preserve the history of culture and agriculture in our community.  It is available at Amherst area bookstores and by request to info@amherstareapublications.com.

This high quality paperback book has more than 300 colorful illustrations. Its 343 pages give voice to Amherst’s farmers and their families at a time when it is important for the general public to be aware of our local food supply and our farmers’ need for community support. We are grateful to the many writers, artists, individuals and institutions that have contributed original material for use in this volume in support of our efforts to record varied voices and views of Amherst’s rich cultural and agricultural history.

We are also grateful to the Kestrel Trust, the Amherst Cultural Council, and People’s Bank for encouragement and financial support. Sheila Rainford and Ruth Owen Jones were the co-editors who claim they could not have done it without assistant editors Carlton Brose, Alice Stanne, Peter Westover and Ed Wilfert.


About Amherst Area Publications, Inc.
Amherst Area Publications is a charitable non-profit Massachusetts corporation organized in April 2010. Our mission is to make possible the publication and distribution of local history, literature and artistic works important for the recording of local history and educating the general public.

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