Thoughts about 2015

We, at Amherst Area Publications, are planning our third annual Amherst Area Publishing Fair. This event will take place in the late spring of 2015 rather than in the fall. The purpose of the fair is to encourage individuals and organizations to publish their works to preserve our local cultural history. We are also working to develop a network for people who want to publish and those who can help them do so. One does not have to go far to find professional editors, book shepherds, printers, artists, web designers, memoirists, agents or any other help one may need.

Amherst Area Publications is a charitable corporation dedicated to saving and sharing our area’s rich history. We are NOT a press in competition with others or a foundation providing grants for projects. We are simply a small group of people with professional experience who want to extend a helping hand where needed. Happy New Year from all of us!